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If you’re looking to see what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, then the old Las Vegas Strip is not the place to go – just kidding! However, this classic strip has changed drastically since the last time you visited. Many of its historic buildings were torn down and replace by modern attractions that cater to young travelers and the city’s thriving business community. If you’re wondering what’s new on the old Vegas strip. And where to spend your time while in town, check out this list of the six best things to do on the last vegas old.

Old Vegas

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The Las Vegas strip is an offshoot of Fremont Street, formerly famous as old las vegas casinos. The area was once famous for biker bars and crime (it’s now home to a City Hall and a pedestrian mall). But these days it’s full of cheap buffets, family-friendly all-you-can-eat buffets, pawn shops, and even more slots. This is still las vegas old, so there are many flashing lights. Modern architects reimagine some casinos in something approaching Art Deco or Art Nouveau.

There are also things like Erotic Heritage Museum that help keep visitors interested in coming back repeatedly! What do you want to see? Are you looking for some fun activities to enjoy with your friends? Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere romantic to take your sweetheart. Whatever your needs, we’ve got suggestions! Here are 6 of our favorite things to do on the old vegas strip

1. Vegas Vic

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Vegas Vic is the iconic neon sign of Downtown Las Vegas. The cowboy’s welcoming, beaming face is the specific marker that you’re in Las Vegas. This welcoming sign was construct, capable of waving at visitors to Fremont Street. And broadcasting the welcome message, Howdy partner, at fifteen-minute intervals. The happy, wink figure is forty feet tall and is lit twenty-four hours a day. Whether you win a million dollars in the casino or not. Vegas Vic makes a great souvenir picture, proof that you were in old vegas downtown. You can take photos with Vegas Vic outside Binion’s Casino & Hotel (aka Horseshoe). You’ll find it just off Freemont Street between Main St. and 3rd St. Across from Bunkhouse Saloon (the oldest bar in Vegas). On the other hand, here is parking free for all old vegas casinos.

2. Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

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Fort Las Vegas was a fort built by pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints due to tensions between Mormons and Pah-Ute Indians. It was located near where Fort Apache (Nevada) is today. Many historians consider this fort an old part of vegas, Nevada. Fort Las Vegas was abandon and burn after one of its garrisons discover gold in Quartzsite, Arizona. This sparks many prospectors into northern Arizona and Nevada areas such as Gold Canyon, Cherry Creek, and Mt Potosi. Many Mormon settlers followed these prospectors eastward, establishing new communities along their path. These communities include Mesquite, Bunkerville, Overton, Logandale, and St George, Utah.

They are now collective famous as Mormon Corridor. Fort Las Vegas was a training ground for soldiers headed overseas during World War II. After World War II ended, it became home to several families until it destroys by fire. Today all that remains are some concrete slabs at what used called The Fort. Which is now surround by houses and apartments. Today these homes make up a small neighborhood known as Vista Street Estates just south of old downtown Vegas off Sahara Avenue between Bridger Avenue.

3. Heart Attack Grill

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Only in Downtown old school Vegas goes the saying. The Heart Attack Grill suits that perfectly. They’ll bring out hospital gowns and doctor uniforms before you devour the outrageous burger selections on the menu. As well as good food, The Heart Attack Grill is also about having a great time. One way to do that is to drink a margarita from straw through an IV to go with the greasy food on your plate. A Single, Double, or even Triple Bypass is manageable. Take the Octuple Bypass Burger. And you could in trouble unless you can inhale eight burger patties topped with forty slices of bacon. And enough cheese to reach a caloric count of almost twenty thousand.

4. Dave

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What is old vegas Dave? Dave offers a variety of high-profile events and entertaining performances, including theatrical shows, concerts, sporting events, and more. It also features an adjacent 500-room hotel. As well as several bars and restaurants that are open before and after performances. DLVEC is home to numerous top musical acts as downtown Las Vegas’ entertainment hub. Billy Idol was most recently feature at Dave. But popular concert appearances include Enrique Iglesias, Diana Ross, and Bill Cosby. If you have tickets for any of these events. Or plan to attend them soon, there are some great food options inside Dave.

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5. Zak bagans haunted museum

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Tucked into a cluster of quaint shops trying hard to attract tourist dollars. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is not easy to find. The lack of signage could an intentional marketing strategy design to create anticipation for what lies ahead. Or it could simply be an oversight. In either case, I’m going with intentional because once you find it, there’s a nice surprise waiting for you. You open up a plain door in an otherwise drab storefront. And are met with a dazzl display of light from above as ghosts.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of Zak Bagans and his investigations into haunted locations. One of those adventures brought him to downtown Las Vegas. Where he got a look at both The Plaza and The Golden Gate. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some haunted tales worth sharing about old vegas’ old-school strip. Of course, these places aren’t as easily accessible as other parts of downtown, but if you want an adventure on your vacation—this is one for you, for these three spots.

6. Container Park

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A great place at old town vegas for people-watching and petting dogs, Container Park, offers a pleasant respite from its gritty downtown surroundings. Constructed out of shipping containers, it’s also a shopping mall. Stop by The Chapel of Love for a quick marriage or hang out in its beer garden. Or check out Evel Pie, home of an old-school pie booth where you can get slices with names like Mother Clucker (peanut butter and banana), Thin Mint (chocolate and mint), and Lemon Zest (lemon). Don’t miss it after a long night of partying at one of downtown Vegas’ many bars.

For those looking for more traditional entertainment. Head to Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding for a three-hour wedding experience that’ll leave you smiling. They’ve got multiple packages that range from $69 to $179 per person. Depend on how elaborate you want your nuptials. Another must-see: Chippendales – The Show at Rio old Vegas Hotel & Casino. Watch gorgeous men take off their clothes while ladies sip cocktails. And eat chocolate strawberries in comfort it’s like having your cake and eating it too.