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Fremont Street, also known as Old Downtown Fremont Street. The heart of downtown Las Vegas ever since it was built. This historic neighborhood hosts many legendary hotels and casinos. Such as the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, El Cortez Hotel & Casino, Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, and more! Fremont Street has undergone several transformations over the years. But today it’s home to some of the most popular casinos on the Vegas Strip. The Fremont Street giving visitors a reason to visit this Street beyond its classic casinos.

All about Fremont Street

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The Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian mall. And attraction on two blocks of Fremont street vegas in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The attraction is located at three points along Las Vegas Boulevard. Spanning from Main Street to 6th street, with each block having its name; Viva Vision is located above all four blocks. Each block has a large video screen that displays light shows synchronized to music. Visitors can pay admission to ride an escalator up to an area called The Event Center. Where they can take in views of the screens. And panoramic photographs depicting various scenes from throughout old vegas strip history.

This was taken away when they renovated it, but there were two statues on each side. One statue was a cowboy sitting on his horse and holding his hat while pointing down Fremont st las vegas. The other statue was a native American sitting on his horse, holding his bow. I believe they are still there because I saw them last time, I went through the old las vegas strip. These statues are unique because not many cities have statues representing their culture and heritage as old las vegas do.

Fremont street experience

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There is so much to do and see in Fremont, las vegas. Here are some things that will keep you entertained on Fremont Street.

1. Live Music

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Performers on the old las vegas strip are second to none. And it will be even better when you visit the downtown old vegas strip. Come for a little light shopping, and some live music. And perhaps a drink at one of our many bars or nightclubs. Be sure to experience the old Vegas strip from downtown las vegas. The old Vegas strip has been around for over 40 years – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Consider visiting the new old vegas strip when visiting downtown fremont las vegas. We can’t wait to see you in 6 years! If you want to see some live music when visiting downtown las vegas.

Take a walk down the old Vegas strip. You’ll find musicians performing all along the old Vegas strip in front of many of our different bars and nightclubs, often for tips. Not only is it fun to sit back and enjoy some music. But sometimes these performers are talented enough that their music might even convince you to stop by their bar or club for a drink or two. It’s worth taking a look every time you visit downtown las vegas – new performers crop up all the time.

2. Downtown rocks free concert

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Many tourists and locals visit free concerts on freemond street every weekend. The free concert attracts people from all over, not just for their musical talents but also for what happens after. After these bands play their music (and sing some great karaoke). The crowd is treated to live bands that range from rock, country, and punk groups. Come downtown on any given weekend night. And you’ll hear a variety of music. But be sure to check when your favorite band is playing. It’s best if you can catch them at their peak performance, so make sure they haven’t had any drinks beforehand.

3. Viva vision

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The future is now, so make sure you experience it while you still can. It’s just a short trip from The Strip to Viva Vision on Freemont street Experience. And tickets are going fast for its groundbreaking new show debuting. Lucky for you, we have a limited number of tickets to presale for as little as $15 each. With VIP tickets only $199 per person. That’s less than half price compared to what they’ll be selling at Viva Vision itself when they open next year. It will be exciting to have a front-row seat to see just how far technology has come over the past decade and where it will go. With innovative displays and effects, you’ll feel right there in all of these amazing moments happening right before your eyes. This is truly an event that cannot be missed!

4. Slotzilla zip line

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The Slotzilla zip line is a rush like no other. And will make for an exciting end to your las vegas fremont street Experience adventure. Here’s how it works: Imagine yourself sitting on a 6-person cabin attached to a giant arm. Suddenly, you begin your 60-second descent with speeds reaching up to 45 mph as you soar above the crowds below. This is one experience that can’t be missed during your time at The Largest Outdoor Neon Museum. Our official nickname is The Most Amazing Zip Line You’ll Ever Ride! We think we know what we are talking about.

You may have heard us referred to as the world’s largest zip line. But what you don’t hear us say very often is the world’s highest. At 170 feet high, it’s pretty tall but not the highest (we’re okay with being second). Anyway, let’s talk safety you’ll need it since you’ll be zipping over some pretty crazy stuff. Including another attraction called SlotZilla Drop (which goes from 500 feet). There are also two humongous slot machines from which all riders must launch and land.

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5. Las vegas lights night tour

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The Las Vegas Lights Night Tour on Fremont Street is an iconic experience everyone should take advantage of while visiting downtown Las Vegas. So, what’s better than a nighttime excursion through one of Sin City’s most exciting neighborhoods? For a truly unique (and thoroughly entertaining) night tour. Head to Fremont st las vegas East and hop aboard a double-decker bus for an immersive cultural experience.

The best part? Your ticket includes a drink upon boarding; you’ll need to BYOB. Make sure you come prepared with your favorite beverage or two. They won’t be serving anything else during your trip. If you don’t want to bring your alcohol. There are plenty of bars along Fremont Street where you can grab a drink before hopping on board. You can also buy drinks at any point during your ride; tickets include unlimited beer and wine and soda water with lime wedges.