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What do you do when you win big at the casino? You can celebrate with your friends, save your winnings, or get another drink from the bar – but if you’re a member of Funzpoints casino, you’ll be able to use that cash in more ways than one! There are dozens of different ways to use your Funzpoints – and here’s how! In this review of Funzpoints casino and their free promo codes, we’ll look at everything from their mobile casino app and sites to their weekly offers.

About Funzpoints Casino

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It functions like other U.S. sweepstakes casinos, with different terminology for its dual currency system. Players play the games with a currency called Funzpoints casino. There are two kinds of Funzpoints casino website available: standard and Premium. For those playing in Standard mode, you are playing with Funzpoints that have no monetary value. They are equivalent to the Gold Coins at competing sites. Players in Premium mode earn Premium.

They can redeem them for cash prizes at a fixed ratio, making this a mode for wagering money. As an alternative to depositing funds, players are encouraged to buy at this social gaming casino, just as they would deposit money at an actual casino. Every purchase includes a gift in the form of Premium Funzpoints. Players can then gamble this Premium mode to earn more.

Funzpoints slot games

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The majority of games on Funzpoints casino are slot games. There are more than 30 slot titles to choose from. As a software casino, you won’t find the same titles here as at other casinos. However, there are plenty of games to choose from in our library. Funzpoints slot games each have an RTP of 96.5%, which is much higher than many other online slot games. You won’t need to read the fine print before choosing a game. There are several differences depending on the game being played.

Every game on the site has a minimum of 8 points (equivalent to $0.08) for the required bet and 500 Funzpoints (equivalent to $5) for the maximum bet. Any individual spin could give you $5,000. If you make the first purchase of at least $4.99, you can play funzpoints all of the other games on the site.

Funzpoints app

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This casino offer app for Apple (iOS) or Android users, mobile users can also use the website in a web browser which does not have the same functionality as desktop or laptop versions of the site. However, when we tested, this was never an issue. Instead of opening a mobile funzpoints casino app, you can use your mobile browser instead. You can add a bookmark for the website to your home screen on some mobile devices for easier access.

Funzpoints welcome bonuses


Once you register an account at Funzpoints casino app, you’ll be given a choice. You can play in Standard mode with Standard Funzpoints com, which are just for fun and can’t be withdrawn or redeemed for anything. Or you can play in Premium mode with Premium. Since these can be redeemed at a fixed rate of $1 per 100 points, you can think of them as equivalent to a cash balance given in pennies. E.g. if you have 5,350 Premium points, you effectively have $53.50 in your account. Welcome bonuses differ slightly depending on which model you plan to play.

Funzpoints Standard mode

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Everyone first joining the site automatically gets 1,000 Standard just for creating an account. You can also spin them to win more Standard Funzpoint or tickets to the jackpot drawings (explained further below). Every spin of the Funzwheel produces some sort of reward, including anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 Standard. You can spin the Funzwheel for free once every three hours, so you’ll never truly run out of points if you’re looking to play for fun.

Funzpoints Premium mode


By playing in the Premium Mode, you’ll be able to earn bonus points like 250 Bonus Funzpoints (worth $2.50) just by filling out your account profile. The player fills out the profile to provide the personal information needed, like their name, mailing address, and birth date. This is the same as a no deposit bonus at a real money funzpoints casino app. Furthermore, if you sign up for our Funzpoints online program, you can qualify for a 100% matching bonus of $20. That’s what we call a welcome package. These rewards have a cumulative worth of $22.50.

Considering how many sweepstakes casinos give out less than this. This is a relatively large value. When a new Funzpoints player deposits. They will receive a first deposit bonus: 1) A $5 deposit earns 500 Extra Premium points. Second a $10 deposit earns 1,000, and 3) A $20 deposit or higher earns 2,000 Extra Premium. These are functionally matching bonus offers, as well. In each case, the Premium amount is essentially the same as the amount of Premium you get for making the purchase. (Read on for more about making purchases.

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Other promotions

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Other than daily drawings for the jackpot, it offers other ways for players to earn points for getting the most bang for their buck. For various holidays, It has an ongoing deal. The payoff from a Funzmission is a 3x bonus. This means you get three times the number you normally would. Each week, for example, there is a Sunday Funzday Bonus, $5, for making a first purchase of Funzpoints that day. Ongoing rewards for players include, for example, booster games, the Funzone, and a mystery gift prize. You’ll see these bonus games pop up while you’re playing, giving you chances to win free Funzpoints. Some come up in Standard mode.

About funzpoints, purchasing will allow a player to activate the Premium model, which contains bonus games that players receive them. When players have collected enough funzpoints, they will be a new Funzpoints level equivalent to that of a reward system at other sites. Upon completion of each level, players are sent to the Funzone, where they have the opportunity to gain more funzpoints casino login. These points can be attained through participating in the lottery for prizes. And just like with casino gambling, the more you play, the more mystery gifts you’ll receive. They consist of random quantities of Premium Funzpoints.

How do you play free?

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In addition to what you receive as a signup bonus, players can pick up more Funzpoints through social media giveaways. Also, much like any other online casino, players can get more Funzpoints if they ask nicely and send in a hand-written request. If you want to play funzpoints for fun in Standard Mode, don’t forget that you can spin the Funzwheel every three hours to refill your Standard Funzpoints balance.

Final Verdict

Premium Funzpoints can be converted to a cash balance for legal reasons, so there is no way to purchase or gamble with them directly. In place of depositions, Premium are bonuses that include each time you purchase Standard points. You can also win Premium prize by playing games in Premium mode. If you want to cash out in real money equivalents, you get double your purchase amount in cents plus an equivalent amount in Premium. This article provides what purchasers receive in different packages in return for a fixed purchase price.