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LuckyLand Slots is the newest casino game to be released by Microgaming, and it has taken online casinos by storm! It’s packed with the same great features that you’d expect from other Microgaming games and a few entertaining new additions like Wilds, which help you win big on every spin! And you can play LuckyLand Slots at AllStarSlots – check out the exclusive All-Star Slots bonuses below and sign up today! Let’s look at how this game works and see if it’s worth your time.

LuckyLand Slots


LuckyLand Slots is a new, exciting brand of casino games. Users can play for free or deposit to win real cash prizes. Players need to luckyland slots download an app from Apple Store or Google Play and create an account to get started. Next, they should connect to LuckyLand Wi-Fi and enter their personal information. Once players are set up and logged in, they can begin playing right away! It’s easy to find fun games on LuckyLand Slots. The home screen features slot machines, daily rewards, new releases, popular favourites, and other featured content.

Players can even sort games by latest or highest payouts. No matter what type of game you’re looking for—classic slots, video poker or even scratch cards—you’ll find it on Lucky Land Slots! With so many options available, it’s hard not to have fun when you visit Luck Land. There are also plenty of ways to earn extra coins as well. Every day, users receive three tokens that they can use to spin one of three wheels. If players land on a gold space, they’ll earn double coins; if they land on silver, they’ll earn 10 per cent more coins; and if they land on bronze, then all wins will be multiplied by two.

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus: No Deposit Required One thing I love about LuckyLand is how generous they are with new players. If you don’t already know what no deposit required means in online gaming terms, you can play for free for as long as you want without having to pay any money upfront. That’s right—it’s 100% free money. Free Cash Bonuses and Free Slot Games With every casino, there are a few ways to stand out from the crowd.

For LuckyLand slots, one of their biggest strengths is that they have some of my favourite free slot games around. They also give new players a welcome bonus (up to $100) that has no strings attached and doesn’t require you to deposit anything. You have to enter their unique promo code when you sign up, and you’ll be set! The game selection at LuckyLand includes some of my all-time favourites, like Book of Ra Deluxe, and they even have a new game called Penguin Splash that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

Should You Play at This Casino?


The new Luckyland Casino is a great place to have fun and win real cash prizes. Their software is top-notch, they payout quickly, and they offer an incredible welcome bonus package to all of their players. With five different types of bonuses available at all times, you can get up to 50% extra funds on your deposit just for playing! Plus, if you sign up through our exclusive bonus code below, you’ll also get a 200% bonus when making your first deposit.

In other words. If you don’t have an account at Luckyland yet, open one now using our bonus code (below) so that we both receive a nice amount of free money. Luckyland Casino has been around since 2014 but has recently undergone a significant rebranding effort. They are offering new games every month and new promotions almost every week – so be sure to check back often! And if you want more information about any of their current promos or games before signing up, feel free to contact us directly. They will do their best to answer any questions you might have about Luckyland Casino.

Reasons to Choose LuckyLand Slots

There are many reasons to choose online casinos over offline ones, including those mentioned in your question. But we wanted to give some focus to just a few. Some of these are obvious, while others may be less so. But they’re all valid reasons why more and more people gravitate toward online casinos instead of sticking to what they know best. Here’s a quick rundown on why you should consider signing up at an online casino instead of staying with what you know offline. We don’t want to sell anyone short here; there are plenty of good reasons not to sign up at an online casino.

However, if you decide that going digital is right for you—and it might very well be—then here are five reasons it might make sense. You Should Know Myths About Online Casinos Before Joining One: Online casinos aren’t all fun and games. That’s part of their appeal; gambling is meant to be fun! But there are also myths about them that can get in your way before you even start playing. Many players think that online casinos can cheat them out of their money or steal their identity through malware or other nefarious means.

How Much You Can Win?

luckyland slots app

Well, that depends on what your idea of ‘win’ is. With an online casino, you can win free money. With Luckyland Slots, free money is more than just a thought; it’s a promise. Luckyland gives new players $10 in free credits to play any of their slot games as soon as they open up an account and make a deposit. Free credit can be used on any of their games, and there are hundreds to choose from. So you will never be at a loss for something to do. Luckyland offers over 500 slot games, and you’ll find some of them exclusive only to their brand.

So if you like diversity within your gaming experiences, then Luckyland slots will be right up your alley. To get started, sign up for an account through our link above or click here. Once you’ve done that, download their software and log into your new account. After doing so, all you have to do is deposit into your new player’s account (which we encourage) and use those funds to start playing. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning big. We highly recommend that new players take advantage of Luckyland Slots’ welcome bonus.

Other Options

One of our biggest complaints about LuckyLand Slots is that only two games are available. Not a single video poker game or any slots other than those two. At least they’re good ones, but we can’t recommend such a site to players who prefer diversity in their slot game selection. The main thing missing from their site is a no-download version of their software that plays in your browser. Without it, you have to download and install software for all your devices and then move around which account you use depending on where you’re playing. Very inconvenient! Since it doesn’t have everything, we like to see on our favourite online casinos, LuckyLand isn’t one of our recommended options.

Ease Of Use

lucky land slots

Before hitting up a casino online, you’ll want to ensure that it’s easy to use and navigate. LuckyLandSlots has an incredibly intuitive interface, with clear icons on each page and helpful pop-ups throughout your gaming session. Everything is clearly labelled and thoughtfully designed, allowing new players of all skill levels to feel comfortable from start to finish. Thanks to user-friendly features like a mobile luckyland slots app for Android users. LuckyLandSlots offers an excellent gambling experience for newbies and experienced users alike.


The new LuckyLand casino is doing everything to keep players happy and playing longer. From an extensive collection of brand new games to a very generous welcome bonus and a 24/7 customer support team. There is no reason for you not to sign up today. If you love slots and are looking for something fun, you don’t want to miss out on what LuckyLand has waiting for you. Claim your exclusive bonuses now using our special bonus codes.