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How can you find casino jobs in Malta? There are plenty of options. They want to present you with one of the best online casinos in Malta. Established in 2005 and has since won millions of loyal customers worldwide. Join the Platin Gaming team right now, and you will be part of an online casino. That can offer you all the necessary knowledge. Tools—experience to become successful in your career path as an online gaming expert. Stay tuned to hear more about Platin Gaming, Malta online gaming, or gaming malta jobs.

What is Platin Gaming?

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Platin Gaming is a platform that offers live casino games with whole interaction with a live dealer who works from our studios. The experience is just like being in a land-based casino without ever leaving your home. All games can play simultaneously on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices (Android, iOS). Whether you’re looking for an action-packed slots game or a strategic table game. Our variety of more than 150 unique games will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Maltese Online Gaming Industry:


The first thing to understand is that Malta has no laws or regulations that govern online gaming. This means that when you see a site claiming to license. Any official body has not correctly sanctioned it. At the same time, most of these companies will regulate elsewhere, such as Curacao or Gibraltar. It’s still worth avoiding sites and casinos that operate from malta online gaming in general due to several issues, which we’ve discussed below.

The Maltese government has taken steps to regulate online gaming. But hasn’t had much success with getting a bill pass through parliament. Due to gambling being seen as a social evil and Malta’s Catholic solid roots. Despite this new attempt, our recommendation would be to stay away from Platin Gaming. Whose main office is located in Malta, and they offer gaming malta jobs. What happens if your winnings get confiscated. Remember that while your winnings can seize if they over €5k (they’re less than €5k, they don’t have to tell you).

All deposit funds cannot ever take at all under current legislation. It doesn’t matter if it’s cash or bonus funds. They always safe until you cash out and withdraw them into an e-wallet or credit card/bank account outside of their system. As long as your balance never exceeds $100k (€100k). Then everything else can stay in their system forever with no issue and no risk at all.

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Live Dealer Casinos:

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While you might most familiar with online casinos, live versions allow players to interact with a natural person while they play. Playing live dealer games is similar to playing video slots and table games. The software follows an algorithm, but it interacts with a human dealer who deals cards. Checks each player’s bet and monitors what’s happening in-game. This type of game is available at brick-and-mortar casinos or online. Depending on which casino you choose. Live dealer games sometimes referred to as land-based or banked gambling. While every live casino doesn’t always offer them, they represent a staple within the gambling industry.

Mobile Casinos:

Mobile casino games have exploded over recent years, with many people enjoying a quick game of casino slots or blackjack. When they’re out and about on their smartphones. That makes it easy to get started as they designs to work on all mobile devices. Meaning you can play wherever you want. To find out more about online casinos and how they can help your business grow. Take a look at our handy guide. And if you want your clients to experience casino gaming in style. Check out our new Platin Online Casino brand.

Bingo Games:

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Bingo has a long history in Malta, where Bingo Lanerii was established in 1932. Ithas a big player in Maltese gambling for more than 80 years and is still very popular today. Several bingo parlors can be found around Malta but do your research because legitimate operators run not all. And some well known for running rigged games. There is also a new emerging game called ”Bingo Online’. Becoming extremely popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Sports Betting:

The competitive world of sports betting offers plenty for fans to be excited about. Fans can bet on almost any sport and make great money by backing a winner. However, an influx in popularity has led to more and more betting sites joining in on today’s sports scene. Making it difficult for users to navigate all of their options. This is where www platin comes in. They are here to give you everything you need to get started with online gaming. Including online casino games and sports betting tips. You can even explore your other favorite things through our websites, such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

Poker Games:

Poker is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting casino games available. It’s simple, easy to learn and play. But also complex enough to hold your interest for years on end. For these reasons, it’s no surprise that Poker is one of our most popular casino games. As with all other games on our site. They only used certified casino software and licensed operators like Bet365. This means you can expect fair games every time you play. They an authorized agent for several Maltese gaming providers and accept players from Malta at any time as they must do so by law.


The Fastest Growing Industry in Malta: If you’re familiar with traditional sports like football or basketball. You can probably understand how eSports flourished in recent years. Think about it: people love watching video games as much as they love playing them. Many players choose to watch professional gamers play games than actually practicing themselves. Some events feature cash prizes for players and spectators. With tickets even being sold online for fans who want to be a part of it all. Watch matches from pro-players on Twitch. Major tournaments live-stream and sold-out stadiums can have crowds of 1,000+ people.