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Read PULSZ REVIEWS and RATINGS as compiled by the world’s leading gaming experts to learn more about PULSZ Casino free and its games. Find out if you should play here or not! You will also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on PULSZ. Are the first-time players eligible to claim welcome bonuses? Does this site accept Bitcoins? Is it possible to play at pulsz without downloads? Can I make money while playing at PULSZ online casino? All this and much more can be found in our comprehensive reviews and ratings below!

About Pulsz

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Pulse is a casino game that uses artificial intelligence for all online gambling games. Artificial intelligence has been in use since early 2000. Still, it wasn’t until more recently that programming and computer code became advanced enough to create an intelligent system comparable to human behavior. This enabled developers to create Pulse, an online casino game that relies on AI to deliver players’ immersive and exciting experiences. When you play any gambling game using Pulse, it will appear as if you are interacting with another human being instead of just a computer program, which everyone desires when they play casino games or gamble in other ways. Pulse casino offers free-play versions of its games.

So that you can get a feel for how everything works before depositing money into your account, the free-play versions allow you to win real money. But no money is exchanged between players and Pulsz during these sessions. You can also choose from different categories within each game to find one that fits your personal preferences best. If you want some help getting started with Pulse, there are several helpful tutorials available on their website. And video guides showing step-by-step instructions on how to play each game. There are also customer service representatives available via email or phone 24 hours per day who can answer questions about anything related to playing at Pulsz Casino.

Pulsz Bonus Offers

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You may be wondering what kind of bonuses would be on offer for a social casino that doesn’t have an option to bet with real money. Well, don’t fret because our Pulse casino reviews found plenty of exciting options available. When signing up to the site, you’ll be able to claim your first Gold Coins. And Sweepstakes Coins (more on what the difference between them is later!). But that’s not all! You’ll also be given the option to claim 200% extra Gold Coins upon signing up. To claim this bonus, you will have to make a small purchase starting at $1.99.

That’s generous for a bonus that will triple your original Gold Coins! Doing this will also earn you some VIP points. The more VIP points you claim, the more titles you’ll eventually unlock. We love that players still have something to work towards by spending only a fraction of the money you’d expect to spend at a real money casino. If this bonus sounds perfect for you (and we’re sure that it will), remember to check out our Pulse casino bonus code review too!

Usability, Look & Feel

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Just as we confirmed in our review of “is FanDuel DFS safe?” how a site looks and feels to a player can go a long way to determining the answer to “is Pulsz casino free sc legit?”. It’s pretty safe to say that you won’t be disappointed. Although the main page is a simple, bright white, the games list is long and colorful. With a brilliant tone of yellow running throughout. We’re always a little disappointed to see a site that doesn’t have a dark mode for those of us who like to play at night, but if that’s the worst we can say. We think the Pulsz review does not leave much to be desired.

The menu list on the left-hand side of the page is quite limited. But we could still find out everything we needed when visiting the site without any trouble at all. It loads quickly (something we can all agree is a big plus), and everything is readily accessible. So if you enjoy a simplistic design and a quick way to play all of the top casino games for fun instead of cash. You really can’t go far wrong with Pulse.

Payment Methods

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If this is supposed to be a place for amusement, why does the site even mention a Payment Methods section? We can hear you ask. There is the option to purchase more of the virtual currency, available at Pulsz if you should need to. But this does not mean that it is required! You’ll still be able to claim your coins when you sign up and again as you play more and more. The option to buy more is for those players who might get caught up in fun. And don’t want to wait until their free coins refill.

You must purchase all coins in USD. Via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Skrill, or ACH/e-cheque. You will also need to verify your account with an American phone number. Either by text or voice call, before you can purchase any more coins. Though the payouts may be worthless, it’s worth noting that the legal age requirements are the same whether you play in a social casino or the real kind of pulsz casino real money. Want a few places to try in the UK or other countries?

Customer Support

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When deciding which social casino we want to play with, we’ve to consider their customer support. If something goes wrong, it’s important to have staff on hand to help. Whereas many providers these days will provide live chat, Pulsz’s options are a little more limited. For most queries, you’ll be able to contact them through their email address support pulsz.com.

They will aim to respond as quickly as possible, although you may be waiting up to 12 hours. This isn’t that bad. Some providers aim to get back within 24 or even 48 hours. Similarly, there is also a phone number for players to connect. This is a great way to make sure you can speak to a human about any problems. You might be having if you’re willing to wait a little while. Pulsz is doing its best in customer support, but we’d always prefer to see a live chat option where possible.

License & Security

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There are many ways to know whether a betting provider is legitimate. But the first and most important thing to look for is licenses. Thankfully, our researchers found that the Pulsz app is owned by Yellow Social Interactive Limited. A company based in Gibraltar under the number 119215. It means that the company holds a license from the Gibraltar Government.

It is one of the most prestigious licenses in the world. So if you are still wondering, Is Pulsz legit? This should serve as a stamp of approval for you. A Pulse casino review has also found that they use top-level encryption to ensure that your data is safe from outside threats. Check out our eSports reviews if you’re looking for something different from your typical social casino!

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Rewards & Loyalty Program

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Those who have never visited a social casino before may wonder if a loyalty program is available. Wouldn’t providers want players to continue to the real money version of the casino? However, in contrast to the hard situation we ran into when answering is Monkey Knife Fight safe? This is not the case with Pulse. Pulse is a social casino that gives VIP points for automatic enrollment. Make a small purchase of at least $1.99 or join, play the games. And collect coins to earn something you enjoy working toward. As well as the chance to enjoy playing the games!

Live Casino

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A live casino is where players enter a game room to play roulette, blackjack. Or any similar game with a live dealer. It can be really exciting because players have the chance to play games with a live dealer. And get the full casino experience without ever leaving their house. This isn’t something that Pulse has put in yet. Currently, there are no live casino games at Pulsz Casino. Players can continue to play the usual slot games because the company is still trying to expand.