Slotzilla zipline at Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas is one of the tallest zipline, offering its riders spectacular views of the city as they zip past casinos and over Fremont Street. But how much do you know about this exhilarating experience? Find out more with this article of slotzilla zipline, including information on tickets, hours of operation, reviews from previous riders, and more.

The ride of Slotzilla

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Zipline las vega is an open-air zipline. Unlike many ziplines, no cables attach you to a fixed rail along the course; SlotZilla uses two towers on Fremont Street and on top of The Plaza Hotel & Casino. These towers allow riders to launch back and forth between them during their approximately 550-foot vertical journey. This gives riders plenty of time to view downtown Las Vegas and as far north as.

Mount Charleston before landing safely in front of The Plaza Hotel & Fremont zipline. The ride is swift but it’s exhilarating from start to finish even for those afraid of heights. It’s not just a thrill for tourists either; locals can also enjoy it because there is no age limit or height requirement. Anyone over 44 inches tall can ride with a guardian present, though an adult can accompany to others.

How does it work?

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Fremont street ziplineline is a ride that is an excite experience from start to finish. The giant slingshot allows rider and group to ascend one by one. As you wait for your turn, you can take in amazing views of Las Vegas. Upon landing on the rooftop, everyone will receive a free photograph and two rounds.

At Lost World Casino, zip line las vegas have some amazing prizes! You will also receive two tickets to a universal studio theme park offering rides and attractions. This will surely be one of your greatest memories while in Las Vegas. Make sure to bring extra clothes because you are sure to get wet or dirty during your ride. All ages are welcome but must be able to walk upstairs and cannot weigh more. Riders must also wear closed-toe shoes with no heels or flip-flops.

Age limits of Slotzilla Zipline

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The minimum age for zipline Fremont Street on SlotZilla is 18 year old. Parents are required to sign a waiver for any children that are up to 18 years. It should be noted that if you’re shorter than 37, your weight must be under 80 pounds (36 kg) to ride it. You’ll also have to weigh less than 220 pounds (100 kg). Your weight includes anything in your pockets, like keys or phones. Those extra five pounds might make all the difference—better leave those at home if you want to zip.

If you do happen to weigh more than 220 pounds, there’s no way around it—you can’t go up on SlotZilla.  What else could stop someone from riding up, think about whether or not you’ve had any alcohol within two hours of riding.  So, there’s no way around you can’t go up on SlotZilla. No one with heart conditions will be allowed onto Zip Line las vegas zipline fastest attraction.

Safety concerns at Slotzilla Zipline

Las vegas zip line start over Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. From there, it has evolved into a giant apparatus that runs through Vegas hotels and casinos, as well as various amusement parks and festivals worldwide. Slotzillas biggest problem is its safety record. After all these years of operation, it still hasn’t managed to stay accident-free for more than a few weeks at a time. With multiple deaths to its name and numerous mishaps that resulted in broken bones or severe head injuries. Vega’s zipline track record is certainly caused for concern. The company has made some efforts to improve its equipment and procedures.

The only way for them to be truly safe is if they stop operating entirely. And so far, they haven’t shown any inclination towards doing that. In short, if you go on one of these rides, then you should expect serious injury and potential death to a possibility at any moment. The danger involved with zipline las vegas makes it not worth taking your chances. However, if you insist on riding one, you should take every precaution possible to ensure your safety during your trip across town, like wearing an approved helmet or seatbelt.

The cost for ride Slotzilla zipline

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Zipline vegas is a great option for guests because it costs nothing. The zip line will be set up on Fremont Street, and tickets can be purchased there. SlotZilla tickets are $10. But they include a free ride to and from off-Strip hotels on Las Vegas monorail; that’s a good enough reason to take SlotZilla over its competitors. There are also special rates available through several hotels in Las Vegas that include free admission to zip line vegas.

Make sure you check with your hotel before purchasing your ticket, so you don’t miss out on any deals. On top of all these deals, unlimited ride passes are available for those who can’t get enough of that thrill. Unlimited ride passes cost $25, but that price includes a souvenir photo taken by SlotZilla staff. You can even purchase additional prints at an additional cost if you want more than three copies of your picture.

The verdict

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There’s no disputing that vegas zip line is one of a kind. If you want to view Fremont Street from a true unique vantage point and do it with style, then SlotZilla is your best bet. It is certainly not for everyone—then there’s no shade, no air conditioning and those who fear heights will have serious issues at several points during their trip. However, zipline Fremont is an absolute must-do experience in downtown las vegas ziplining. The views are spectacular. Even if they don’t include a glimpse of Caesars Palace or The Mirage. You can ride back down as often as you like within two hours. So, there’s no need to worry about stuck up on top if all you want is a photo option. The cost may seem high, but it isn’t unreasonable compare to other activities on Fremont Street activities.