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Sports Insights offers sophisticated analytics that breaks down team strength and betting trends. Allowing sports bettors to pick the most brilliant plays on game day. By using Sports Insights betting products and data. Sports bettors can gain an edge over the house in the long run while saving money. Sports Insights offers advanced public betting percentages on all major sports leagues, including the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL. The odds displayed by Sports Insights aggregate from every significant Las Vegas sportsbook and offshore sportsbook around the world.

Sports Insights:

Founded in 1999, Sports Insights provides advanced analytics to professional sports bettors who want to make smarter bets. The firm’s live odds platform allows gamblers to track all forces that move a line and get odds updated in real-time. Sports Insights clients have posted big wins in multiple U.S. markets. They are often cited by betting forums as square-kill. However, referring to their uncanny ability to beat even-money bets like straight-up picks or money line plays on baseball games. How does Sports Insight’s winning approach work?


The first season of sports insights nba league betting (1946-47) saw 190 games with point spreads posted, while 51 games had live odds. Fast forward 71 years, and you have over 1,200 games played in an average season. With around 400 posts as live odds. It’s no wonder that sportsinsights are one of their most profitable areas. In fact, according to an analysis by Pinnacle Sports—the industry leader in live betting technology and products. Sportsbooks account for about half of all online betting profits overall. And there’s even more to it than that, Live odds usually carry higher margins than pre-game bets.

And sportsbooks see approximately 50% of every bet placed on their platform. Considering these numbers isn’t hard to see why they are increasingly becoming popular among bettors. It makes sense because not only do they provide better value, but they also offer more insight into. What is happening on the court so that you can make better-educated wagers based on actual data instead of guessing. Whether or not your favorite team will play well or not on any given night.

Why Sports Insights is Better?

Sports Insights was founded in 1999 by sports betting enthusiasts. Who saw an opportunity to use data and analytics to help sports bettors. Better understand and predict which teams would win and cover games. Today, Sports Insights has grown into a premier live odds platform that provides users with industry-leading analytics to help. However, they make smarter bets and track all of their favorite sport’s most influential forces, including injuries, mlb weather, line moves, and more. Recently Sports Illustrated called us the gold standard of point spread analysis. They have also featured on Forbes Magazine, CBS’s 60 Minutes, Bloomberg TV, Yahoo Finance. The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Sports Insights locate in Las Vegas near UNLV.

How It Works?

sports insights nba

Sports Insights has developed advanced analytics that helps sports bettors make more intelligent wagers. Now anyone can access these powerful tools using their live odds platform, which is entirely free to use. Unlike most live nba public betting platforms, they allow you to view team and player stats on one screen. This means there’s no need to click between websites or apps to get all of your information. It also lets you customize your view as much as you want and then export everything into a .csv file—this way. Therefore, It’s easier than ever to make better bets. helps you win by providing access to proprietary data with an intuitive interface. That breaks down complex analytics in a simple way that’s easy to understand and use.

Public Betting Percentages:

sports insights nfl

Public betting percentages or lines (the pay-out in dollars if you bet $100 on a team to win). Can give us hints about which teams are most likely to win their next game. There is evidence that these public odds predict sports results better than what they might call ‘informed’ and ‘professional’ opinions. This is especially true in baseball and football. Where public betting accounts for an estimated 40% of all money wagered against sportsbooks each year. However, the experts who write up player projections. Analyze matchups account for only 5% of bets placed online at popular sites like Sportsbook Review and Bookmaker sportsbook. So how does a moderately savvy but not expert bettor use these public odds to his advantage.

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Are Public Betting Percentages Accurate?

When looking at live betting percentages to decide where to place your bets. You’ll notice that many sites post their mlb betting trends percentages as a range rather than an exact number. For example, Site X has a particular player listed at 43 percent to score a point in tonight’s game. It doesn’t mean that they think he has a 43 percent chance of scoring – instead. It means that players like him have historically scored on average 43 percent of points.

Sports Insights NBA Player Tracking Tools:

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Over time, teams have added more and more data to their player tracking stats page. The latest development is Sports Insights’ Player Tracking tools. Which count in play-by-play stats that help show where shots are coming from. Like three-point or mid-range or left side of the court. It’s part of a more extensive suite of advanced analytics than Sports Insights. Therefore, their Offers on its site to track forces that move lines. For example, sports insights nfl also helps power projection tools like Five Thirty Eight’s CARMELO system. Which estimates a future value for NBA players using historical comparable from other players with similar ages and career trajectories.

Special Features of the Odds Comparison Tool:

The tool makes it easier to compare live odds from multiple betus sportsbook and casinos. For example, if you want to bet on a favorite in football. You can use their free tool to compare Bookmaker, Sports Betting, and Bet Online lines. However, If you see that one line is significantly better than others at a particular sportsbook. Then your next step should be getting more information about that sportsbook. You might discover that one sportsbook offers a perfect sign-up bonus or other perks not offered elsewhere. When making an online wager, there are so many unknown variables that any edge they can provide is worthwhile; sports betting would be complicated without such tools.